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Right on target. We've already discussed the warranty issue. Since the head is an MB part being supplied by an MB authorized distributor, the warranty will still apply. Given it's only 12mo/12000mi, but I think if there is a problem, it should show up before then.

Yes, this is a MB dealership. I work at the world corporate headquarters for a major insurance company. I've heard horror stories from a few people regarding service from this dealer. Not so much a problem with their work, but the length of time involved. One person has had their 1993 500SEL in their facility for 2 1/2 months for an AC Evap replacement. He's unable to pull the car out of the shop, as it's still torn apart. Same runaround I've been getting.

There over 6000 people employed in the complex where I work and probably more than that at our other complex just a few miles away. If you drive through the parking garages, there are several examples of the marques this dealer sells, but most are not from that dealer. Several, in fact, have dealer badges from a dealer 60 miles away.

Wish I would have paid more attention and asked around before I had this huge job done. Oh well, live and learn.

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