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I am working on my 1990 300CE.
In order to replace the cracked flex discs on both
end of the universal shaft, I gently pulled the
shaft on the rear of the car after loosening the
bracket that holds the center bearing.
I was surprised that the gear spline detached
from the second half of the shaft (transmission side).
I had marked the alignment of the two shafts so that
I can put them back together the same way. I did not
loosen the clamping nut as I did have the wrench that
would fit on that nut, I think it is larger than 34mm.
Is that typical for the two halves of the shaft to separate
that way?
Also, I need to renew the torn rubber sleeve and possibly the
center bearing while it is out.
How difficult it is to replace the center bearing?
When I put it back together, do I need to tighten the
clamping nut which I did not loosen to begin with or just
leave it alone?
Barry Shah
1990 300CE
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