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Gary, before you trash the igition switch, try this. The most likey cause of your problem is a worn key and/or a dirty set of tumblers. At any rate, get a can of WD-40, put the little red nozzle into the switch and give it a mighty flush. I mean it, put a rag under it and fill it until it overflows. Keep doing this until the overflow is clean. Clean your key(s) off and try them all again. wiggle, pull and insert key etc. If you don't get it to turn, get some graphite and shoot it in thru the key opening. A little at first, insert and remove the key to work the graphite around. Keep trying, add more graphite if you need to. You should keep trying the key in and out and attempting to get it to turn. Move it both to the right and to the left. If you do get it to turn, make a tool out of a piece of wire 2-3mm in diameter (thin hanger wire or thin welding rod. Put a 70 degree chamfer on each end facing the center of the lock. Put the key in, turn it to position one, insert the wire in the slots on the front of the switch and pull the cylinder out of the switch with the black barrel attached. Separate the two pieces and really clean the cylinder with the WD-40. Let it completely dry and reapply the graphite. I have done this a few time and it was successful. I hope it works for you. Good Luck..
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