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Mine are Hella off of a parted out gray market car. I got them used for under $300 a pair. In previous posts (Search for key words 'Euro Headlights') lots of people have posted web pages and prices for these lights. Prices for new vary depending on vendor, brand, whether or not you have to take them with turn indicators (required purchase by some vendors, even though they are seperate pieces), and whether you want clear or orange turn indicators. New seems to range from about $350-$500 depending on all the variables. In order of preference and availability, they seem to be Hella and Bosch (MB OEM suppliers of these lights), then come the Italian and Tiawan copies. There are home pages for Hella and Bosch listed under the search as well, as well as wiring tips and color codes, overvoltage bulbs, used versus new, ebay versus web orders versus store front purchases, keeping or scrapping the wipers, and references to a Star magazine article that shows how to add the manual aiming knob on the dashboard for the lights that have the vacuum actuators in them (some don't). There is even a discussion on 500E lights vs the 300E lights - 500Es have a driving light in place of the fog light. I would post these addresses, but there are literally dozens of routes and suppliers, and a search for Euro Headlights will give you the most info, a couple of hours of reading at least, and lots of sources to check for current best prices.

Phil at Fastlane may be able to get them as well, and Fastlane prices are usually about the best out there - give him a call.

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