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Originally posted by G-Benz
I concur with kebowers as well, those noises can be caused by the components he described, but with the low mileage???

Maybe at 148,000 miles, but 48,000??? Seems odd. Was the car formerly used by U.N. peacekeepers in Yugoslavia?

I just joined this board,

I have the exact same problem as well, except mine is a little different, it only makes the noise when at idle

it a slight kind of knocking/pinging which is low pitched and very quiet

i also have another noise when the air conditioner is on, it is kinda of like a metal rattle, it is quite loud

the third noise i have herd is with the front drivers side suspension, it makes kind or a squishing noise when you go over a bump

are any of these related?

any help would be great


Forgot to add that this is on a 1997 E320 with just under 80k miles

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