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I forgot earlier - you don't have to buy the whole thing, I understand. You could get just springs/shocks, or just the sway bars, or everything but the bushings, etc. I had a tech install everything, and the control arm bushings added a bunch to the labor. I'm not sorry I did them, as I love the results, but if you are on a budget, you could do just springs and shocks, then sway bars and rear sub frame bushings (sub frame has to be dropped anyway to do the rear sway bas, so why not do the bushings.)

Rear thrust arm replacements were dirt cheap at about $35 per side while they are in there, and also has a dramatic improvement on handling. If your car seems a little loose at speed, like it wants to wander a bit, you might have a good tech check them out as well, as the superb rear suspension WILL show wear with over 100k miles on them, especially if you get enthusiastic like me (guess what, another heavily discussed series of threads ) This is a useful pic that was posted a while back:


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