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260E - hesitation

I have had this problem a while, but will try to find out what causes it.

When the engine is cold it runs fine.
It is always OK at idle.

When I accellerate the engine often hesitate. Specially at 30-80 km/t. It acelerates, but it has not got the power it should have.
If I not push the pedal so much, it will accellerate better!! If I push the padal more again, it hesitates. During this hesitation another sound is coming from the engine. Not a bad sound, but a different sound. All cylinders are working. It runs smooth even when it hesitates. Only loss of power.

With full throttle / kickdown, the accelleration is just fine.

The mixture is OK, duty cycle OK, new o2 sensor, new fuel-pump relay, new injectors, no vacuum leaks.

I have read some threads about replacing the airflow potentiometer.
Do you think this will do?
Or is it the EHA which "control" this?

Any help will be appreciated.

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