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Steve - pencil me in for a seminar

on doing an analysis of the 1995 E320. I, along with others I am sure, would be more than happy to actually pay and provide refreshments (any Jack Daniels or Miller Light drinkers on here) to come to Gainesville to learn the proper way to "scan" the brains on their MB's. A couple of thoughts - don't just limit it to learning how to do the scan - how bout - a) wheel bearing job/tightening, b) lubing the sunroof rack, c) adj. those 300D valves, etc - well you get the point. I personally, could use a lesson on how to use the steth. to pinpoint where noises are coming from. Maybe do a survey and see what the people want to go over. I will need AT LEAST two to three weeks notice on the date.
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