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'93 300E 2.8 -- This weekend, my automatic climate control panel decided not follow orders anymore. Whatever I select, ventilation or A/C at any of the fan speeds, with recirculation or not, nothing is coming into the cabin. I checked the engine when I select the A/C trying to isolate the problem, and found out that the A/C pipes are frosting .. so the A/C unit is working, but the panel is not. The strange thing is that sometimes when I am driving, the air starts to come in just fine ... but definitely, not when I press the buttons ... if the air is working and I turn the car off and then on, it stops coming in ... could this be a fuse problem ... any suggestion how I can get this panel under control ... should I open the center console and look for any particular signs ... I can use your help, especially when it's 90 degrees and humid these days -- thanks!
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