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. . . that answers my question

Steve's answer clears up why the 'manual' simulation didn't work. Since John's car is a '97, it must be pure serial digital.

Well, if you consider getting a scanner, there's at least two choices;
1) buy an OBDII type scanner such as "OTTOSCAN" or;
2) buy a MB X11/4 scanner such as the AST's "RETREIVER" or "POINTER". Also newly marketed is the "PALM SCANNER".

The price varies from around a low of $450 to $2000. Personally I like the X11/4 type better but they are usually more expensive. Since there is a lot of competition for OBDII scanners, they are lower priced.

I purchased the AST 'POINTER' and it is a mid-stream priced scanner.
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