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Well that would be a shame if parts aren't available to fix it. I disassembled it this afternoon and it appears that all it needs are o-rings. There's a large o-ring between the two halves of the pump housing. I didn't remove the impeller as it's not leaking too badly at the moment and I didn't want to make it worse until I could be sure of replacement parts. That's where the leak is though; where the shaft comes into the housing. I also took the case off the motor. The brushes look easily replaceable too.

Curiosity satisfied, I cleaned it all up, put it back together, and reinstalled. This will be an easy one if I can source parts. I'll check Parts Shop as suggested.

Whether I fix this one or buy new one, I'm thinking seriously of putting an in-line water-proof fuse holder in series with the pump harness. Previous posts say that when these pumps pull too much current they destroy the climate control unit.
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