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The slightest incline to the left causes my 300E to pull left. This has been going on since I purchased the car over 3 years ago. There is no abnormal tire wear.

I've researched this and seen mention of the normal affect of road crown. I don't think that's what's going on with my car though. If the road inclines right, I don't get the same tendency to pull right. Level road steers straight. I've had a four-wheel, front end alignment, but not from a shop that specializes. Didn't help a bit.

Could this be a worn part in the suspension? The rear links are in good shape with little play. The front needs new tie-rod assemblies and a new drag link, all of which I'm getting ready to order soon (seals are gone). I don't feel that this is the cause of the pulling to the left though. Is it possible for a worn shock mount to cause this? Or a soft A-arm bushings? Anyone else have this problem?
Ken Fuller
1990 300E
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