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Greetings all,

I have been getting this thump or clunk when I shut down the engine on my '80 300TD The sound comes directly from the drivers wheel well. I also get this light thump nearing the end of my braking action coming up to a stop sign, as the nose of the car should be at it's decent. Not a whole lot of nose dive or lift at all on this car, that's why I mention this. I had pulled off the wheels on both sides last week, to lube the brake pads to rid it of the awful squeel, that worked great. The thumping sound existed then but I didn't fine anything loose or rubbing, but the drivers shock did have seepage stains on the housing, but it wasn't pouring fluid. I did the bounce test on the front end, and unless you have a few hundred pounds to weight down the bumper it aint gonna bounce back up at you several times like an American car will, I'm lucky to see it just come back up to normal height, no bounce at all occuring. Any other ways of telling if the shock is going dead? I just can't help but think that the shock is bottoming out and thus the clunk. Any input will be greatly appreciated.
If it is the shock, any recommendations on whether Bilstein or Boge are better?

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