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How does one know if their car is equipped with either R12 or R134a refridgerant?? I know my car originally came with R12, but I purchased the car in July of 99 and I dont know if the previous owner did the conversion. I know for a fact (service records) that the car has been serviced at the dealer up until 70k miles. I purchased it with 90k miles. I know I'm low on refridgerant because when its really hot outside (i.e 95 degrees with 85% humidity) it doesnt blow ice cold air, but when the temperature is cool (i.e 75 degrees with 50% humidity) the AC cools the cabin. Is there a way I can check whether or not I have R12 or R134a?? Are the 2 refridgerants distinguishable in any way??? I hope its been converted already because local shops are charging a bundle to do the conversion. If it indeed had the conversion done already, is it ok to use the Pep Boys R134a refridgerant refill kit which retails for about 35 bucks??
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