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On our drive to Las Vegas this weekend (115 degrees farenheit), the blower fan unexpectedly stopped (blower fan on AUTO).

I couldn't get it to start up, so I switched off A/C (HOT!), re-engaged A/C button, nothing, then set blower fan to HIGH, and voila it worked.

Anyone have any ideas what's going on and how to fix, and prevent this. It would have been very SCARY to travel at 115+F without A/C in a black wagon.

Also, at temperatures above 105-degrees Farenheit, the A/C really doesn't blow very cold. Is this a design issue with the W124 (I'm using R134a)? Anyone to increase it's efficiency? Seems fine at 100-103F.

What did Mercedes do to the W124 A/C system that did Saudi Arabia and Middle East Duty?

Thanks in advance,

:-) neil
1988 300TE w/ 1995 C36 engine & A/C pump (R134a)
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