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If you have to back off the pedal to make the transmission shift the Bowden cable is too tight and or you still have a vacuum problem.

You can do simple diagnostic test that will confirm if it is vacuum related. Attach a vacuum gauge to the modulator vacuum line. On a healthy engine at idle you should see a steady reading of 17 to 21 inches of vacuum. At WOT, just step on the gas pedal and release it, the needle on the gauge should drop immediately with no lag to 5 or less and when released the needle should quickly recover to its idle reading. If it does not recover and or if there is a read of more then 5 inches at WOT you have vacuum problem, a collapse hose or boost in the line. Bad switch over valve, lines not routed right, bad or out of adjustment vacuum proportioning valve if you model car has one. do a search for more help.
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