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Fixed (so far)

I have fixed the tach /fan problem for the moment. After you find out where your leak is coming from and repair it, look at the Temperature Sensor on the water pump. If your fluid level gets low it can kill them. There are 3 sensors on the water pump just in front of the oil cap. The first one (from the left if standing in front of the engine)has a single wire plugged into it, the second has 2 wires plugged into it, the third has a 2 pronged plug and a single wire on it. Unplug the single wire while leaving the 2 pronged plug connected. Replace your blown fuses and drive the car. See if the fan comes on automatically (from the A/C sensor)and if the fuses do not blow, chances are you have a bad 3rd sensor. They are only about 20.00 from Performance. Good luck.
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