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I recently replaced the front engine mounts on my 1987 260E using aftermarket parts from

(fair prices, fast service. Thanks)

The new mounts are notably taller (as in NOT crushed due to age and wear), and the cooling fan is no longer centered in the fan shroud.

It seems to me that the culprit is likely a compressed transmission mount. Before I buy one and do the work, I want a professional opinion on how to know if the old mount needs replacement.

Further, the car has always run very warm. (Charleston, South Carolina) sitting in traffic with the A/C on, it can go all the way up to just under the red line. I have a relatively new fan clutch, water pump, radiator hoses and thermostat. None of those replacements made any real difference. I suspect that the non-centered fan MIGHT make a difference, combined with the fact that a previous owner cut a chunk out of the bottom of the shroud to enable it to be pulled out past the fan. Any thoughts about boosting cooling efficiency aside from the obvious?
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