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My 1990 190E 2.6 failed the California smog exam. Actually, the tech said the emissions were okay, but that the vacuum was not. He pointed out a tiny hose that comes off the top of the air cleaner and--he said--should run into the back side of the tube holding the dipstick for checking engine oil. There is a small, almost pin prick sized hole here where something might once have been inserted.

This seemed strange to me, so I contacted the local MB dealership, who told me the hose connects to something under the air filter assembly. I removed the air filter assembly, but could not find anyplace missing its hose!

Where does this hose go? I first noticed it off just after I bought the car a year and a half ago, when I removed the air filter to reattach the throttle cable. Is this enough to throw off the vacuum readings? Or is it a vacuum hose at all?

The car runs fine; it misses a little upon first being started, but soon settles in (new plugs needed soon). Any ideas? Need to get that new sticker on the liscense plate before someone with a ticket book notices!

Sean Griffin
1990 190E 2.6
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