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Smile You guys are great...

Levon here - You guy's are great! it was the Bowden Cable. There were a couple things going on however - this may help someone - The first thing I checked was the Bowden Cable. It didn't seem to matter much where it was set - it was apparently just adjusting the 'kickdown'... A friend told me a week ago he thought it was sticky, so I pulled back the rubber boot and hosed it down every other day with liquid teflon - as I used the car, the cable became well lubricated. I suppose after 20 years, a cable can get sticky... Meanwhile, I kept working on the vacuum system. After getting your feedback 2 nights ago, I revisited the Bowden Cable adjustment, and It works like a new Mercedes! So before adjusting the Bowden Cable, make sure the cable isn't sticking...Thanks guys, let me know if I can help you on your cars!!! ~Levon~
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