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Thanks, folks.

I went to the AC shop and the tech checked the code via the climate control readout. The code 241 (refrigerant) came up and he checked the pressures with a guage and said there was adequate refrigerant in the system. We cleared the code (he actually gave me the manual to read!) and the system blows fine and cold! He wouldn't take any payment either. Just for the record, if you don't know, you can bring up the codes by 1) ignition on, 2) set temp to "lo," 3) hold "rest" AND "windshield defrost" simultaneously for five seconds (this is diff from the diagnostic mode which shows temp, pressure, etc, I think), 4) "dI A" should appear. 5) push auto and you will get DTC's. When all have been displayed (scrolled through), you will get "End." 6) Use "auto" to scroll to "dE L" and hold down red up and blue down arrows simultaneously. 7) You will get "---" and the code is cleared. I will keep an eye on things to make sure refrigrearant pressures stay safe. Thanks for your responses.


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