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Only one weight missing!

Brother of The Benz, joel
One weight can be as little as 1/8 oz. up to 6 oz.
Any vibration in the steering wheel or felt in the floor boards or seat, is too much.
A 1/8 oz out of balance at the diameter of a passenger car tire, has the force at 80 mph of 80 lbs.(simple to remember, all 8's).
This 80 lbs. throws the tread's rubber in a wad in front of rotation and is squeezed between the tire and the pavement.
This is what causes the cupping of the tread due to out of balance.
Now that is static un-balance.
Then there is dynamic un-balance that creates the wobble motion in the suspension.
Either one is damaging to all the suspensions components.
Just invision the reaction and consider your statement, "just one weight.
The out of balance of your tires doesn't cause road wander, but the damaged components from this WILL,DO and DID.
Happy Trails Beep Beep from The Spiderman in Houston!!!
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