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Brother of The Benz, jhildalgo
It appears that the "HOT TOPIC" is A/C and it's problems.
I too had a leak in that area, but it was the evaporator leaking.
Many sticks of dynamite later, and after 14 years of service, the evaporator/heater/blower housing has been rebuilt.
Because of my physical condition(too short, too fat and over weight plus too dumb I decided to has the system totally rebuilt by my favorite technican, Larry(not related to the Bible, Larry).
The following was replaced by M/B new or rebult components, starting at the front.
Expansion valve
All new gaskets and seals
All the vacuum elements
Blower motor assembly
A bunch of little things
Nothing was not replaced that would require the disassembling the A/C System.
It took 3 days shop time at a cost of $4100.00.
Considerring an Escort with minimum down payment would have a $303.00/month payment for 60 months, in thirteen months I will have this debt cleared.
There is no end to what we do to keep our ole Benzes.
I'm the original owner of this 1987 W-124030, it has 176,000 miles and this is the original A/C; not bad for 14 years.Cost me $24.40/month for driving comfort. Maybe I'll get the same return on my investment(ROI).
She'll be cooling using R-134A, good-bye R-12.
Happy Trails Beep Beep from The Spiderman in Houston!!!
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