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Three days in the shop and $4100.00 later

Brother of The Benz, the Blob
You and me Babe.
After 14 years of outstanding service, my 1987 W-124030 300E developed an evaporator core leak.
176,000 miles of expanding and contracting.
After determined conscentration it was decided to replace all things required to renew my Automatic Clomate Control A/C to excellent condition.
It took three days shop time with my technican "Larry", not related to our "Larry Bible."
The heater core was in acceptable condition.
The following were replaced with either M/B new or rebuilt components.
Expansion valve(it came with the evaporator)
Evaporator core
All the vacuum elements
Blower motor assembly
All the seals and gaskets in the evaporator/heater housing.
A lot of small parts, only in size
She will be cooling with R-134A, good-bye R-12
If you intend to drive Her, then you should do her right.
Happy Trails Beep Beep from The Spiderman in Houston!!!
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