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Leak Tester

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The most accurate leak test for refrigirant from the evaporator is using an electronic type.
My 1987 300E had its evap core replaced last week by an independant that I use for specialty M/B service. The cost for this plus additional rebuilding of the Automatic Climate Control Housing was $2700.00.
Had my dealer performed similair work it would have been $3800.00.
My independent perform so much more than the dealer.
All of the vacuum elements were replaced, plus:
Blower motor assembly
All the seals and gaskets
Expansion valve(comes with OE Evap)
I purchased a cheaper evap from the "Fast Lane" for 1/3 the cost of the OE source. The less expensive one looked like a large transmission cooler and it didn't come with the expansion valve or the seals and gaskets.
I returned it to Prince Phillp.
You only get what you pay for.
Be certain what you're quote includes.
My total rebuilding of the air conditioning system totalled $4100.00.
You may wind up with repair order shock.
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