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Brother of The Benz, Bob.
We bought the 1987 300E new.
We are her original parents and she looks as new.
With 176,000 miles and the running gear is original, this repair cost is minimum.
On the tube they advertised a Ford Escort with minimum down payment for $303.00/month for 60 months.
You figure it out.
Someone purchasing a 300E used with similar or lower mileage for about $5000.00, then presented with a repair estimate as my costs were, blows your mind.
For us, Joan and I it's different.
A used car becomes one because it is used and in need of repairs.
We would never get rid of our 300E for such a small repair cost when you consider the options.
I'm still driving a $42,000.00 automobile.
We calculated our debit would clear in 13 months.
Let your dreams weigh the costs.
Happy Trails Beep Beep from The Spiderman in Houston!!!
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