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Old 07-03-2001, 12:55 PM
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I'm a relatively new MB owner - BMW's for many years - so this has me baffled.

My '94 C280 either starts immediately when turning the key or not at all. Sometimes I can immediately turn it again and we're off - sometimes I let it sit a few minutes and no problem.

Temperature of the car seems to make no difference. Plenty of battery power and cranking speed. Doesn't seem as if there is a fuel issue. In other words, it doesn't stumble -it just fires instantly or not at all.

I've scanned many of the posted threads and seem to see an issue with the OVP (?) for the C-series? If so, what is the part number I need to get the "new model" OVP?

Any help is much appreciated so I don't have to hear my wife tell me I should have a Honda like hers.
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