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Brother of The Benz, jcyun
What a joy it is to read of someone's success in doing what everyone thinks can't work.
As noted, a week prior to the interior demoltion, I had the compressor replaced.
It was then we noted cold air being discharged from the intake in front of the wipers.
Considerring the labor to replace the vacuum elements, I wasn't going to leave anything else in there that might fail later on.
So comes the new evaporator assembly.
As it turns out, there was traces of oil on the coils.
I had considerred returning to R-12, but R-134A with the new compressor cooled the front seat excellently, too cold on my left fingers grasping the steering wheel and the nozzle aimed at them.
R-12 is superior to R-134A, R-22 is superior to, oh you get the picture.
I'm on your side, I hope it continues to perform for you.
Happy Trails Beep Beep from The Spiderman in Houston!!!
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