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El Cheapo Lives

Brother of The Benz, jhildago
El cheapo still has his little tricks for we Benz owners,goto and have a look see. I still have the literals via the E-Mail. El Cheapo was replaced by The Spiderman after a serious runin with a spider bite and the spider won the match. I spent 10 days in quarnateened infectious area. I'm still recoverring after 2 months.
I did convert to R-134A using a kit from "interdynamics".
I followed their instructions and the system performed marvelously.
It was the compressor, that after 14 years of faithful service, gave up the ghost.
In deciding to keep my purchased new 1987 300E, Joan and I opt'd for the complete rebuild. Putting this item behind us.
Now with the new A/C we had R-134A as the refrigirant.
It's not as cold as R-12, but how cold.
In Houston we experience a similar climate as you in Florida, and you will not suffer any.
Consider the new autombiles us R-134A!
Happy Trails Beep Beep from The Spiderman in Houston!!!
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