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I have an 83' 500sl (euro). Runs and drives fine but we don't drive it much. I took to work yesterday and everything was fine. I had to run to a client and I put the passenger side window down on the way. When I got to the client I couldn't put the window back up. The power window will work if I open the driver door but not if it is closed, car running or not. Later on the way home I noticed that the speedo, tach, just about all the guages are dead also. The mileage guage works and I understand why but, it looks like the clock works and this doesn't jive with a fuse. I made a cursory check of the fuses with a flashlight (front passenger kickpanel) and they look OK. I will test them with a continuity tester unless there is some obvious problem I am missing. I did a search on the messages and saw a similar situation on a 90' sl but there was no solution.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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