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. . . injectors?

This DTC states "Fuel injectors open/short or self-adaptation (SA) in LH-SFI control module (N3/1) at limit".

In my friend's S420, the cars runs well and seems to idle perfectly. But I wonder the injectors could be leaking (a little bit) from all (or some of the injectors) such that the SA is forced to its lean limit.

Since it's just a little bit from all of the injectors, couldn't that cause this failure mode? It seems as though it could.

Maybe the opposite is happening; the injectors are cutting off a bit (due to age, dirt, etc), so it forces the SA to the other end of its limit (rich).

My point is that, so far, I haven't seen where any/all of the injectors were replaced. The ECU is $2200 retail, whereas the injectors are about $18 wholesale each (I think). I'm trying to get my friend to try this.
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