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Another couple of hints,

1. Look inside the door mounting area, run your finger nail over these areas and see if you can find a edge that may have been created by paint build up on masking tape.

2. On metallic paint, take a step back, find the right light and look to see if the grain of metallic is the same throughout the car. If an area was resprayed, you may be able to tell with this method.

3. Inside the engine compartment, look to see if any of the fender mounting bolts have ever been disturbed, this may be apparent with paint looking disturbed or bolts with paint disturbed on the bolt face. This doesn't mean the car has been a wreck, but it could point to it.

4. If you really want to get dirty, take a quick peak under the car and see if the frame rails have been worked on. Clues are fresh, clean paint, new parts and new under coating.

5. Last and most important, go with your gut feeling after looking at the car!

Are you car hunting?

If so, Good Luck.

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