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Thanks guys. Those are great places to start. I have noticed a slight leak near the right front of the engine. The main drive belt looks a little worn as well. Would a major service pick up on most of that? About how much does a major service run? I know that I'm going to need to invest some money in maintenance up front. I just want to be sure that I do the most important things first. The car starts and runs perfectly as near as I can tell. I've driven it for about 1,000 miles and it doesn't appear to be using any oil.

I'm not a mechanic, so I will need to have most of the work done by a professional. I do check under the hood regularly for changes in fluid levels and I intend to do my own oil changes every 3000 miles(I've done that on every car that I've ever owned).

Thanks so much for your help on this 4th of July holiday. We're talking serious MB lovers here!!!

Jack Wiles
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