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1992 400E (102K) timing chain and tensioner replacement.

Took it home with a big $800 smile thinking I was good for another 100K.
> Next morning, SAME NOISE! Tested the smog pump clutch (unplugged),
> not that... Same symptom, after the car sits a hour or so, start it and it
> sounds like a diesel (sorry "D" fans) for the first second or two until
> the oil pressure jumps to "3" then quiet....


Any other comments?
I still believe he put in the old tensioner, but he said that he pulled off the valve cover and checked the tensoner and found it to be OK.

How do you handle this? The mechanic tells me he replaced the tensoner and chain. I believe him, but he had problems putting the new one in, skipped a tooth on one cam, reinstalled it again. I have the old chain, but failed to collect the old tensioner.

What if the old tensioner is still in there?
What if the new one was bad or he damaged it during install (he did mention that he had to do it twice because he got it in at an angle the first time). This guy is supposed to be good!

Did an oil change too...Not oil change problem like I have heard on the net.

HOW WOULD YOU HANDLE THIS? He want's the car back,
but I fear that he will have it for weeks and start telling me that there are "al" these other things that need replacing (shot-gunning)!

You have to run the car, get it hot and then let it sit over night. You start it and for the first three seconds (until oil pressure goes to 3) it sounds like a jar full of marbles!