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I really want the Sportline suspension upgrade.

93 300E

As of this weekend, I went ahead and purchased a set of new AMG 18's with 225 45 Yoko tires. Two days later, went to Sams club and purchsed 15 cases of soda for the 4th of July weekend. The weight of the sodas really LOWERED the rear of the vehicle. Upon driving home, I had notice that the rear was really rubbing when ecountering small lumps in the roadway. Upon many hours of thinking, I can only come to one conclusion. The OEM struts are wearing out. The car has got 120,000 mile and it is time to replace them because they are not performing at 100% capacity, at least that is what i think...

My questions Are: and i really would appreciate any input or experience.

1. How much will the Sportline kit lower my 93 300e? I have heard .5 inches and 2 inches.

2. Can I just installed all of the Sportline parts with out installing the sportline springs in order to retain the stock height and avoid rubbing?

3. If i install all the parts including the springs, will the Sportline suspension be STIFF enough so that loading the car with lots of sodas will NOT lower the vehicle as much as the stock soft oem springs and struts?

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