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I've got an '98 C240 Elegance V6, and I've got a failure that my local dealer seems not to believe : when the engine is very hot (after half an hour of traffic jam, or 3 mn of 3000 rev's with the car stopped), the outside temp indication on the dashboard disappears, and after a few seconds (I can hear a 'clong' as if something's closing) the A/C send very hot air (like on the max heating position). If I stop the car engine to cool it down for a few minutes, the outside temp comes back. If then I start the engine, the A/C sends normal cool air until the temp disappears again, etc. All along this, the engine temp. indicator stays on normal.
I repeated it a few times to be sure.

I thought that could be an outside temp. probe failure, so that the A/C think the outside temp is very cold and therefore send a very hot air, but my local dealer said that there is no relation between the outside temp and the air conditioning system.

Who is right ?

Thanks by advance,
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