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My 1990 190E 2.6 has a buzzing noise from under the rear doors at the fuel pump area. I am guessing it is coming from the pump or the relay. The car usually does not start the first time you turn it over in the morning, only to start rough the second try, even out and settle in to a decent idle in a couple of seconds. SHould I suspect the fuel pump? Does the buzzing indicate that it is near its death time? Can I save to high cost of the fuel pump relay by replacing the pump ( or pumps ) now? I think there are two under there last time I checked I think I remember two. What are the test specs I should be looking for if I check the pumps for the current draw. ( could you treat me as a child and explain how to check the pump ...last time I checked one I thought I knew what I was doing and it tested fine...It left me stranded on the highway the next day!)
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