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Originally Posted by engatwork
Pete keep in mind that the center vacuum pod is fail shut. That means that the vacuum pod is spring loaded whereas without vacuum on it it is going to hold the damper door shut (which is what makes me want it out of there). You will physically have to disconnect the vacuum pod from the damper door and then plug the vac line.

83/300SD - I have noticed that with either the defrost open or the footwell open then the force of the air making it to the center vents is so insignificant that there is absolutely no noise at this location with them shut in heat or defrost mode.
by "wire open" I meant put some picture wire around the linkage and pull the door open against the spring force and then tie it down. If this could be done by sneaking a wire through the right place and not taking the dash off to do it, I'd be all for it.
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