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I don't have vehicle specific info on your non-US model, but the temp display function is described in the WIS for models 129, 140 as of 1.6.96, 170, 163,202 as of 1.8.96, 168, 208 as of 31.7.99, and 210 as of 1.6.96 up to 30.6.99.

The first paragraph reads:

"To display the temperature, the outside temperature indicator A1p4 requires: the iutside temperature, the speed signal, the engine running time and the coolant temp."

It goes on to say:

"Since the outside temperature display depends on the speed , engine running time and coolant temp, high temperatures (influenced by the heat generated by the engine, for example) are not displayed when the vehicle is stationary or moving slowly."

There is a whole page of conditions and exceptions of temp indication but my fingers grow weary.

I am not sure about whether the A/C uses the outside temp from this sensor. If it did it would be communicated by the CAN from the inst cluster to the Pushbutton controller. I presume it would leave a code if the data was interrupted.
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