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I'm a brand new MB owner who just purchased a 1994 E320 wagon (Incredible car so far!). I like to do my own oil changes about every 3000 miles. Here's my question.

The MB oil filter wrench that I just purchased from a local auto parts dealer is an interesting tool. I just want to be sure that I use it correctly. There are 2 bolts in the top of it which I assume is simply where they are stored until needed. There are two threaded holes on the sides of the wrench which is where I assume one of both of these bolts should be used to hold the tool to the top of the filter housing while using a socket&wrench to loosen the top.

If that's how it's used, should I use one or both bolts, and how tightly should they be tightened onto the housing before using the socket wrench? Also, how tightly should the housing be reinstalled (by hand, or also using the tool/socket/wrench to re-tighten the housing cap).

I did a search on the extensive amount of incredibly valuable information on this site and didn't see anything about how to properly use this tool.

Thanks in advance.

Jack Wiles
1994 E320 Wagon 105K
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