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I have a 1990 190E 2.6 and have been having some strange problems with it as of late. I searched around the forum and found that it is most likely my OVP that needs to be replaced. However, after reading several threads about it and where it should be found I still am unable to find one in my car. I also looked in the owners manual to see if it is mentioned there and I was unable to find it. Does anyone know where the OVP is located in my model? Also is there a good book I can buy that actaully covers all the wiring info as well as parts used in my car (like a Chiltons book)?

The problems that my car has been having are: infrequent stalling when slowing to a stop, ABS malfunction (fires when it is not needed), the engine will sound as if it surges and then the lights will get brighter and my cd-player will turn off. Sometimes this lasts a few seconds or a few minutes. I had my altenator checked as well as my battery. Also I had my ABS sensors cleaned to make sure thats not a cause. Also I noticed another problem lately, my vents are always blowing out hot air, even when the A/C is turned on. Does anyone know what could be causing all these problems?

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