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Brothers of The Benz.
I would like to quote an article from The Automobile Magazine April 1999 about the "close to perfect car".

It's is about as close to a perfect used car as you'll find on the market today.
When introduced in 1986, it's aerodynamic looks and outstanding performance made it an instant hit.
With 177-bhp SOHC six-in-line engine, faster than thier bigger brothers, and performed like no other luxury sedan of it's time.
Standard equipment included four-wheel anti-lock disc brakes, fully independant suspension, a driver's side air bag(a passenger's-side was added as an option in 1989), and an anti-theft system.
It has aged well, with few trouble areas to report.
Valve stems last 100,000 150,000 miles; Climate control units, another frequent problem area.
Unless the throttle is fully depressed, the four speed automatic starts in second gear, which imparts a certain sluggishness off the line.
More than a decade after it'd introduction, the 300E still has the look and feel of a $40,000 car, even though well-maintained examples can be found for less than a third of that amount.
Yes it is the:
Mercedes Benz 300E
Year: 1986-89
Base price 1986: $33,900
Value today: $9000-$15,000
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