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I am a new member and I just purchased a 1982 240D with 123K miles. It seems to be a pretty well-maintained car with one owner since birth. My problem is that diesel fuel slightly leaks from the #2 injector overflow line near the base where it connects to the top of the injector. #2 in this case is the second injector from the fan blade as viewed from the front. I replaced the braided line with new Mercedes issue stuff and it still leaks slightly. I pulled the #1 overflow line off and it appears that the end which connects to the assembly at the top of the fuel filter was dry. In other words, it did not have fuel in the line. I'm wondering if it is obstructed in some way at the metal intake "widget" that the fuel filter screws into the bottom of. The car runs great, no stalls, smoke, good power. I simply want to stop the drip at a reasonable cost. Any suggestions are much appreciated!
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