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If they check out at .9 ohms, then they are obviously O.K. as far as the electrical heating element is concerned. But does this necessarily mean that they are definitely O.K. as far as to their FUNCTIONING? (Assuming that they are receiving currant.)

The reason I ask is that my 84 300D “misfires” on a few cylinders for about 10 seconds when started from cold. It also takes about 4-5 seconds of cranking even when warm. The compression is good, the valves are adjusted, etc. The car runs beautifully otherwise.

The injectors are original with 199,000 on them. Is it likely that these symptoms are indicative of the spray patterns or opening pressures being off?

Also, I have seen a tool for “reaming” the prechambers where the glowplugs are inserted. Is this a necessary or recommended procedure when replacing the plugs?

Thanks for the help!

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