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One addition

Brother of The Benz, billc
Blackmercedes has the answer, have the dealer do it for $30.00 or there about.
One thing I've added to my cooling system, should you decide to do your own.
A "T" fitting in the heater hose that allows you to reverse flush the cooling system by attaching a garden hose to it and reverse flushing.
Another advantage to the fitting is purging the air from engine block, which is always a problem when draining and refilling.
I'm not sure what dollar savings you gain by DIY?
You will have the joy if you DIY, but the satisfaction that it was done properly if your dealer does it.
As how to do it; there is one drain for the radiator and if you have an in-line engine, one block drain. For V type engines, one drain on each bank.
All of the drains must be opened to drain.
Then there is the collecting and disposing of the old fluid, we don't drain it into the sewers anymore, another reason for going to the dealer.
If I haven't totally confused you, wait until I tell you the Time of Day.
Happy Trails Beep Beep from The Spiderman in Houston!!!

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