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I don't recall the part number being printed on the dead high-side pressure switch on the '83 around here, and the replacement for CFC12 or HFC134a looked identical. If it were me, and I were unsure or couldn't test the switch, I'd just get a new one. They're not terribly expensive. You may not need the high-pressure cutout in your jurisdiction, but it's a good idea as it can prevent loss of refridgerant.

The "Druck" in the name would refer to pressure, but there is no need for two pressure switches in the same line. If one of them does run the fan, it's the temperature switch.

Your low-pressure cut-out does not cycle the compressor as in some designs. It merely prevents the compressor from starting if there is insufficient refridgerant and thus possibly insufficient lubrication for the compressor. Once the compressor starts, the switch will stay closed. A cycling switch would need to be on the low-pressure line to do anything.

If you use your car's compressor to test the switches, be sure to let it have some lubrication.
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