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I use my high pressure rig on the underside of the engine and undercarrige only. A garden hose works fine on the upper region. For a detergent, once the "other peoples mess" has been disposed of by Gunk, I use concentrated "Simple Green". It works just fine. If you really want a nice looking engine, next time you do a valve adjustment take a wire wheel to the valve cover (and the oil filter cover). Shines it up very nicely. Clean a slightly warm engine only. If you are worried, and can work quickly, first start the engine, then hose it off. If you are getting moisture into electrical areas, you will hear it and be able to react before the car stalls. Be sure not to shoot water into air intakes with it running. If you are plagued by those who would not like you to run detergent down the street, park it on the lawn when you hose off the engine. The grass can take it! Afterwards, shoot a little lithium lube into the various throttle links, wipe down your rubber with a light coating of silicone and you will be proud of your engine.
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