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I am about to purchase an out-of-state 1993 300ce that has had an engine swap. It now has a 1995/96 e420 V8, which was installed without all the required smog stuff. I haven't had the opportunity to drive it myself, though my car guy informs me it is a fast, sweet set-up

I want to bring this car in to California (I must be nuts).
My guys that are trying to get this car smogged are having no luck with aftermarket smog pieces.

Could I not have the 95/96 OEM Calif smog equipment for an e420 fitted to this car to pass smog? Any ideas as to where and how to locate them? any idea as to how badly I will get hit $$ wise? HELP!! I want this car!!!

I have also read in one of the forums that some APR-equipped cars require only static testing. Is this car one of those cars? How do I tell?

Thanks for any help you could offer.

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