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Yeah, the spinnin' part does look a mite close when leaning in the engine bay . Where is the hood switch located? I don't recall seeing any switch buttons.

The suspect relay, the square one (I still haven't been able to feel it when grounding the switch wire), is part # 001 542 02 19. Looking at relays in PartsShop, I find a 001 542 22 19, which is labeled a "5 pin changeover". I assume this is simply an updated part number. Is this the aux fan relay?

Could I also check the temp switch with an ohm meter? I'm thinking if it grounds at 212dF, I should see continuity between the post and the block when it hits 212.

After pouring over the wiring diagrams this evening, I'm thinking I need reading glasses. All them little line just kind of ran together after a few minutes . Ah, the joys of getting older.
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