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There are so many threads about the OVP that if a comprehensive document was written, the forum would be better of offering it via CD-ROM on FastLane or PartsShop.

As far as the part number issue, the old defective OEM unit says Siemens Austria on the side, and is part number 000-540-52-45.

Part number 000-540-67-45 is the "corrected relay you want.

Fast Lane has the OVP for about $50, but it sounds like you already have the shop working on your car.

The OVP issue is probably a new topic for you newer members, but for the rest of us, it's like listening to a old Bee Gees record over and over and over...

Use the search link and use OVP as the keyword. The resulting threads presented for your reading pleasure will give you hours of fun! You will know more about the OVP than the engineers who designed it!

But think about how proud you will be when the next new member has a problem with hot starts, etc. You can confidently reply that he/she needs to "replace the OVP". Of course, then he/she will ask, "can you tell me what an OVP is, and how it works?"

And so on...
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